Autumn 1

Welcome to the lively world of our Reception class! This week, we delved into the importance of keeping our teeth clean and healthy, exploring the wonders of our brilliant bodies. Excitement filled the air as we selected our first library books of the year, fostering a love for reading.

Outdoor adventures took us on a hunt for items starting with the sounds we’ve learned, enhancing our phonetic journey. Writing milestones were achieved as we crafted our very first sentences, ensuring clarity with finger spaces. Mathematical concepts came alive as we used ten frames to represent numbers.

Dreaming big, we pondered future aspirations, discussing hobbies and skills for our dream jobs. Exploring global traditions, we celebrated birthdays around the world, indulging in role-playing parties and embracing diverse customs. As Halloween approaches, we weighed pumpkins and danced our way into the festive spirit with a Halloween Disco. Stay tuned for more joyous updates from our vibrant Reception class!

March 2022

Reception had such a busy month in March!

In Literacy we looked at the stories Jaspers Beanstalk and The Tiny Seed to help us learn about what seeds and plants need in order to grow. We wrote sentences about the life cycle of seeds using our phonic knowledge. We read the poems in the book Mad about minibeasts and talked about what our favourite minibeasts are and why, practicing to listen and respond to what others were saying.
In Maths we are getting really clever working with numbers to 10, ordering numbers to 10, forming our numbers to 10 spotting patterns in number bonds to 10.
In our topic work we have looked at the changing season as we enter spring, what changes can we see, hear, feel and smell? we have planted cress seeds and watched them grow. We planted bean seeds in bags so that we could watch the roots and shoots develop.

February 2022

​Reception have had a really busy month!

We have looked at the different types of birds we get in the garden and have got creative making our own birds.

We have found out all about earth worms, what they need in their habitat in order to survive and what they do. We have then made our own wormery! We have enjoyed listening to the story Superworm and making our own Superworm’s!

In maths we are getting more confident with our numbers, thinking about representing numbers in different ways along with getting use to the concept of time and hoe long things take to do.

In Literacy we are using all of our new sounds in our writing, having a go at making up sentences in order to write them, thinking about using a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.

We are getting so clever!

January 2021

In January Reception enjoyed learning about the different types of animal that hibernate. We loved listening to the story One Snowy Night and Little Robins Winter and finding out about the different animals. We learnt about bears that they do not hibernate! And did you know queen bees do hibernate?
We are continuing to get clever with our writing skills, forming letters correctly and writing sentences, thinking about using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops, as well as the sounds we can hear!
In PE we started our new unit of work in gymnastics, we learnt about different types of jumps and rolls.

December 2021

Reception are getting very clever!
We are getting confident with our number skills, recognising and writing our numbers as well as learning about addition to 5 and subitising to 5.
We are continuing to write CVC words as well as writing sentences thinking about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
We had a visit from Harold the giraffe from the Life Education bus who spoke to us about how to keep healthy and happy.
We enjoyed celebrating Christmas jumper day, coming to school in our Christmas jumpers and designing our own.
Reception have learned about the different characters within the Christmas story and how Christians celebrate Christmas.
We all looked fabulous in our Christmas Nativity costumes and did so well learning songs and lines for our parts in the Nativity

November 2021

Reception have had a busy November! When we came back from half term, Reception were very excited about Bonfire night. We looked at videos of fireworks and made our own firework pictures and did a science experiment to make an exploding sky. Reception are getting very clever at writing words and had a go at writing words to describe the fireworks, writing the sounds they could hear in the words.  Reception then moved on to looking at Diwali. We learnt about how Diwali is celebrated and how that is similar to how others celebrate special events and how the celebrations are different. We wrote job lists and made diva lamps. We retold the story of Rama and Sita and painted Rangoli pictures. Reception learnt about shapes and the properties of shapes and used their knowledge of shape to create and see shapes within shapes.
During Anti-Bullying Week, Reception thought about the qualities you need to be a good friend and how to show that you are a good friend. We made friendship bracelets for our friends and drew pictures of ourselves playing games with our friends.

October 2021

Reception have had a very busy month! We have been learning about Harvest. We read the story Oliver’s Vegetables and painted pictures of the vegetables as well as drawing a vegetable patch and labelling it. We taste tested some of the vegetables from the story-none of use liked the beetroot but lots of us enjoyed eating the spinach!

We also absolutely loved reading the story ‘The Runaway Pea’. We like to re-enact the story at lunch times with different vegetables when they fall from the table!

We also read the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and followed a recipe to weigh out the ingredients to make our own delicious bread rolls.

Reception then moved onto learning about Halloween. We dressed up as different characters, made up spooky stories with the dolls house and made potions in the Witches Kitchen. We enjoyed listening to lots of the different Winnie the Witch stories. Winnie needed Reception’s help to design a new pair of tights using repeating patterns, she was so impressed that the next day she asked the Reception class to design her a new witch hat using trickier repeating patterns. We finished our Halloween theme with a Halloween party which was lots of fun, we got to go home and get changed then come back to school to play games and dance in our costumes.

What a busy month Reception!

September 2021

Reception’s topic is celebrations. We celebrated starting school and met all the teachers when we had a walk around the school. We looked at how we got to school and what we passed in our local area when coming to school. We have then moved on to celebrating Kipper the dog’s birthday. We have looked at how people celebrate birthdays, what food they eat and what preparations we go through before a birthday celebration. Reception then wrote invitations, made lists for food, counted out objects for the party and did repeating patterns for decorations. Reception then made cakes and biscuits and sandwiches for Kippers birthday and came to school in our party clothes to celebrate Kippers birthday for our theme day. After the party we took a trip to China to see how they celebrate birthdays, thinking about the differences and similarities as well as looking at how a child in Africa celebrates a birthday, learning a traditional African song and dance. It has been a very busy month! I am so proud at how well Reception have settled into School and how hard they are working!

Children in Need

Everyone got creative for Children in Need. We finger printed Pudsey’s bandana, made masks and made outfits for Pudsey.

Remembrance Day

We talked about why people wear poppies and spent time creating our own poppies.

BookTrust Theme Day

Reception loved this year’s book, “The Cave”. We had a cave in the classroom and made masks of the characters. We especially enjoyed decorating our own doughnuts.

Bonfire Night

We talked about the different fireworks you see and about why we have Bonfire Night. We looked at making pictures together using things that you find around the classroom.


Reception enjoyed making spells and dressing up! We loved the different stories we read about Winnie the Witch. Our Winnie the Witch theme day was great fun and we even ate Winnie’s jelly with worms and teeth in it.


We found out all about how people celebrate this festival. We made diva lamps, Mendhi patterns with clay, Rangoli patterns with coloured salt and special coconut sweets as well as other things.


Reception collected different Autumn treasures and brought them into school. We enjoyed being creative, making Autumn pictures.

This term we have been looking at different Celebrations. We have been having fun finding out about what people do at special times of the year.


We talked about different things that farmers grow and how people help others by giving gifts of food. We even made some edible hay bale cakes.

February – Caterpillars and Butterflies
It was Reception’s first class assembly. We performed a rhyme about caterpillars and butterflies and told our parents and everyone else in school about different things that grow and change. These are some of the caterpillars and shape butterflies we created

January – Balance Bikes
We have been having a great time learning how to ride balance bikes. Over the past few weeks we have developed our skills and are now much more confident riding around different courses. It was really good when we used the bikes in all the space on the big playground.

December – Christmas
Reception have been busy getting ready for Christmas and we are really excited about this time of year. We have had fun dressing up as different characters and making crowns like kings. We enjoyed our class party and had a special visit from Santa.

November – Celebrations
We looked at Bonfire Night, Diwali and Thanksgiving. We enjoyed hearing about the stories that are told and remembered and finding out what people do at these special times. Look at how creative we have been.

October – Halloween
Reception have been talking about Halloween and reading stories about witches and skeletons. We had fun measuring potions and being different characters. We had our own Halloween parties in the role play area and lots of us experienced our first school Halloween disco.

September – Starting Big School
We have had our first day in Big School. We enjoyed exploring the classroom and making friends. Everyone had a great day although it was quite tiring. We are looking forward to all the exciting things we are going to do and learn this year.