November 2021

During November in the Baby Room, we have enjoyed lots of different activities and books, to list some of our favourites. We celebrated Diwali by making Rangoli patterns using chalk, we made Diva lamps out of salt dough and we also made paper lanterns. We did lots of mark making in a sensory tray with flour and glitter to make firework patterns.

We celebrated Remembrance Day with a sensory tray of coloured spaghetti, pots and pans.

We read a book about dark and light and enjoyed playing in the dark den with lots of different sensory lights and projectors. We got creative, made stain glass windows, and painted cling film to see if the colours shone through.

‘Aliens Love Underpants’ was the next book we read, and we did lot of different activities: we made UFO’s out of paper plates, searched for aliens in jelly, we painted tinfoil to represent what the surface of the moon looked like and we even tried to paint aliens.

For Children in Need, we decorated a Pudsey Bear with paint and spots and we baked some delicious cake that we decorated.

‘Whatever Next’ was the final book of the month and we flew to the moon in different sized boxes, sung song with the parachute and painted different planets.

October 2021

During October, the babies have had lots of fun participating in a wide range of activities. We have enjoyed doing lots of mark making using felt pens on vehicles. We made digger biscuits using different size biscuits cutters and then decorated them with icing. We also had lots of fun playing in the sand looking for silver nuggets. We loved to splash in the water tray with the boats, whilst learning the different colours. We giggled in the shaving foam whilst getting messy and singing songs. We painted pictures using water and paint brushes and counted all the brushes. During spooky Halloween Week, we played with a pumpkin and felt the slimy texture on our hands as we scooped out the guts, we painted spiders using kitchen rolls, we made pumpkin cakes out of Rice Krispies and marshmallows and we also got very messy searching for spiders in lots of jelly.

September 2021

During September, the babies have enjoyed a wide range of different activities. During the first 2 weeks, we learned all about ourselves and our families. We washed dolls in water play and  identified their eyes, nose and mouths. We then moved on to counting our fingers and toes by singing number nursery rhymes and painting.

Next, our topic was about all different vehicles and had lots of fun developing our communicating and language skills. We have enjoyed a cereal sensory tray with tractors, shaving foam fun with the boats and lots of splashing in the water tray to mention a few. We read a different story each week, sing songs, learn our colours and do lots of counting. Its always great fun in the Baby Room and the babies have settled in so well.