April 2022

April has come and gone so quickly here in Year Six!

We have been busy preparing for our SAT’s and have been revisiting lots of the different SPaG terminology such as: colons, relative clauses, adverbials, modal verbs and even parenthesis. In Maths, we continued to look at the properties of different shapes and the interior angles that are found within them.

Did you know that angles on a line add up to 180 degrees?

Towards the end of the Spring term, we consolidated our learning about the Tudors and created diary entries from the viewpoint of Henry VIII or one of his many wives. Just before we broke up for Easter, we were very lucky to be visited by the Lancaster University Planetarium. All of us thought that it was amazing! We were also very fortunate to be visited by the Easter Bunny.

March 2022

What a busy month it has been here in Year Six. We have been busy raising awareness and essentials funds/ aid for Ukraine. Alongside this, we also looked at the importance of caring for others and the importance of helping those less fortunate than ourselves. In English, we completed our own modern remakes of the Shakespeare play Macbeth. As a class, we also spent time looking at the history of St Patrick’s Day and why it is celebrated across the world. To end the month, we also celebrated with our whole school Science Week. We learnt lots all about different foods. Not to mention how explosive they can be!

February 2021

What a busy month it has been! We started the month with a visit from the Dogs Trust who taught us how to behave safely around dogs inside and outside of school. After the half term break, we started learning all about Fairtrade and even participated in Fairtrade Fortnight. Our school worked really hard and successfully maintained our ‘Fair Aware’ and ‘Fair Active’ for an additional two years. We were also lucky enough to be invited along to an inspiring workshop that taught us the importance of tackling gender stereotypes and that we can aspire to be anything that we want to be with effort, passion and commitment. We have also spent lots of time deepening our understanding of the Tudor period and how the actions of significant individuals shaped history as we know it. Finally, we spent time writing letters and biographies to Queen Elizabeth II to congratulate her on the upcoming Jubilee. We wonder if she will reply to us?

January 2021

Happy New Year!
Here in Year Six we have really hit the ground running and are determined to make 2022 our best year here at Kincraig yet.

We have been busy studying new and exciting authors within English. Have you ever read any of the Skulduggery Pleasant books? They’re amazing!

Within our Creative Curriculum lessons, we have been learning all about The Tudors. We started by learning all about the War of the Roses and the Battle of Bosworth. We also started a new topic within our RE lessons and have been learning all about why the Hajj is so important to Muslims. In Science, we have been learning all about ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’.

Are you able to group and classify different living things as well as we can?

We ended the month with Maths Week! The theme this year was ‘Maths is All Around Us’. We spent lots of time looking at how we use Maths every day! We spent time looking at money, art that involves mathematical elements and even spent time creating and management budgets.

It’s safe to say that we ended the week with quite a few budding accountants in Year Six, even if a few of us were quite frugal during the budgeting task!

Next stop February

December 2021

Wow! What a month it has been here in Year Six. We have been busy making Anderson Shelters within our D&T lessons. We got to use saws, hot-glue guns and even hammers. The finished products were amazing!
We’ve also done lots of fun things this month too such as the Houses of Parliament coming to visit us to talk all about voting and democracy. We also went on a trip to see the Christmas pantomime at The Grand Theatre Blackpool! The fun didn’t stop there though, we have been so busy at school having Christmas dinner, performing our nativity songs and even having a Christmas film night.

November 2021

What a busy month November has been! It all started as we returned to school from half term to a firework safety assembly by the Lancashire Fire Service. They taught us all about how to behave around fireworks and how to act and behave in certain situations. Then we were treated to a virtual visit from the author Yassmin Abdel-Magied. She told us all about how she became an author and even gave us some tips on how to make our writing the best that it can be.

           Remembrance Day was also celebrated across school this month and allowed us to remember and pay respect to those that fought for us and gave their lives for us. We even teamed up with Year Two and took a walk to the Moor Park Memorial Gardens to lay a homemade wreath and pay our respects.

           Next came Anti-Bullying Week and the theme this year was ‘One Kind Word’. We spent the week looking at how we are able to prevent bullying and how our words can make people feel. We even took part in a live lesson with the BBC and CBBC.

           Towards the end of the month, we visited our local Synagogue to see how Jews worship and to compare the differences (and similarities) in their place of worship to other religious places of worship that we have previously visited and studied.

           We ended November with our Topic theme day where we all came dressed as WW2 evacuees or as other significant individuals from the WW2 period. We had a fantastic day and it really brought our topic alive! December incoming…

October 2021

During October, Year Six have been busy learning all about WW2 during our Topic lessons. We spent time looking at the different countries (and their locations) involved in WW2. Then, we created fact-files on each of the countries leaders. This month also marked #NationalLibrariesWeek where we were able to celebrate all things reading and even look at some of the wonderful new books and authors out there on offer.

           Within our Science lessons, we continued to learn all about electricity. We managed to design our own series and parallel circuits before carrying out a number of tests and investigations.

           Finally, Halloween arrived! We were so excited in Year Six for the disco! It was such an amazing night! We were also given the opportunity to design and carve a pumpkin for the Morrisons Community Pumpkin Competition. Do you like our final entry/ design?

September 2021

WOW! What a busy month it has been here in Year Six. The year started off with us all preparing our Head Boy/ Head Girl speeches and campaigns to perform for the rest of the school. We all wanted it so badly, but there could only be four winners. Congratulations to the elected candidates. We cannot wait to work with you and hear all of your ideas for our school over the coming year.  Shortly after this, we hit the ground running with our first community project (Harvest). This year we collected food for the Blackpool Food Bank. We even hosted our first whole-school class assembly in two years! Within our lessons, we have been busy learning all about the outbreak of World War 2 and the countries involved. This half term we have also been learning all about the work, style and technique of the artist L.S. Lowry within Art. We all loved learning how to  draw ‘People in Motion’.