Welcome to the lively world of Year 2! Our first PE lesson took us outdoors, exploring different ways to travel and move, infusing energy into our physical education. Handwriting skills took center stage as we honed our letter formations, gearing up for the high expectations in writing this academic year.

Diving into our exciting topic, ‘Brilliant Britain,’ we delved into the countries and flags of the United Kingdom, fostering a sense of national pride. In mathematics, number partitioning took precedence, with confident use of part-whole models enhancing our numerical proficiency.

English lessons centered around “Katie In London,” sparking creativity as we explored the character of the lion statue, imagining its own adventure. Artistry flourished as we drew inspiration from Paul Klee, experimenting with diverse materials. Stay tuned for more vibrant updates as Year 2 continues its engaging journey!

April 2022

April was a fun month in Year 2. In English we have been reading Wind in the Willows which led to us creating an advert for Farmer Parrs.

In Topic we have been learning about Mary Seacombe and the work she did as a nurse. In Design Technology we created butterfly finger puppets.

Also in April we had an amazing theme day around lifecycles. We went on a bug hunt over by Kincraig Lake and we also made butterfly cakes which were delicious!

March 2022

Year 2 had a great March which started with World Book Day fun. We looked at a David Attenborough book in the morning and designed a new front cover for Jack and the Beanstalk in the afternoon.

In English we have been reading the book The Sheep Pig by Dick King Smith, we designed a farm and wrote our very own version of the story.

This month we also helped create a whole school Ukraine display to show support.

Science week was a real highlight which started with and explosive food experiment assembly! As a class we made lava lamps, tested the acidity of different liquids on coins and melted ice.

February 2022

We had a great February and managed to get outdoors with some of the nice weather we have been having. In Maths we have been learning about statistics and we created a tally chart and watched what colour cars went past the school. Can you guess which colour car went past the most?

In computing we looked at branching diagrams and how we could classify small insects.

In English we have been reading The Sheep Pig by Dick King Smith, which we loved, and we planned and wrote a story with a similar storyline.

January 2021

What a great start to the year we had. We started our new topic which is Lifecycles and have been learning about the lifecycles of frogs, plants and humans.

We have also been involved in a whole school maths week which we loved! We particularly enjoyed doing the Benefactor Challenge where we had to plan how we would spend a windfall for a community project. We also went shape hunting round school and found an array of different shapes and took photos of them on our iPads.

December 2021

Another busy month in December. We had our Brilliant Britain Theme day where we dressed up in red, white and blue and even had some children dress up like the Queen and her Beefeaters! During the day we baked Victoria sponge cakes and built our house from pudding lane representing the Great Fire of London.

We had a visit from the Bloomfield Bear who gave all Year 2 children a Blackpool Football Shirt! Thanks BFFC!

Year 2 also went with the rest of the school to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at The Grand Theatre. We had an amazing time and thought Steve Royal was very funny!

November 2021

Wow- another busy and exciting month in Year 2. This month, we have been really busy with lots of special occasions including, Remembrance Day, Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need. On the 15th November, we were so excited to receive a visit from Pudsey Bear. We were able to come into school in our own clothes and make lots of Pudsey crafts. We enjoyed making Pudsey Bear flags. During Anti-Bullying Week, we enjoyed working with different children and teachers around the school on different Anti-Bullying activities. We had circle time sessions with Harold the Giraffe and acted out different scenes to promote anti-bullying. We also discussed how we could make the world a kinder place and acted out different scenes of kindness.

For Remembrance Day, we commemorated the fallen soldiers by making our own class wreath which we then took to the Cenotaph at the Memorial Garden. We walked down to the Memorial Garden with Year 6 and placed our poppy wreath on the Cenotaph. We also held a minutes silence. During the week, we were able to bring in our own poppy creations from home to display in school. We had some fantastic ideas! We also took part in a Poppies and Poetry session.

In PE, we have enjoyed dancing with the theme of ‘The Great Fire of London’ which we have been learning all about in class and in Science we have been investigating the properties of different materials.

We wonder what December will have in store?


October 2021

October was a busy month for Year 2. In Maths, we have been focusing a lot of time on knowing out 2 and 10 times tables and all have done amazing. In English, we thoroughly enjoyed learning and reciting poems from ‘Please Mrs Butler’. In topic we have spent time researching about the royal Family. Some of Year 2 also went on Fit2GLOW football tournament organised by Blackpool Football Club. We also had an amazing time at the Halloween Disco where we danced and ate sweets to our hearts content!

Fit2Glo- 13/10/21

On Wednesday 13th October 2021, Some of year 2 were lucky enough to attend the Fit2Glo glow in the dark football tournament hosted by Blackpool Community Trust at Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre. The children all enjoyed dressing up in neon and playing glow in the dark football. They even managed to score some goals too! What great team work!

September 2021

What a great start to Year 2 the children have made. In Maths, we have been learning about 1 more and 1 less moving onto 10 more and 10 less. In English, we were reading the stories of Katie Morag and even wrote our own story about lie on the Isle of Struay! We have started our topic which is Brilliant Britain and learnt about the capitals and major cities in all 4 nations.
In computing we became researchers and learnt all about how to research safely and developed our own PowerPoint presentation!
In Science we have loved exploring materials and carrying out experiments to compare the suitability of everyday materials and finding out how shapes of solid objects can be changed. We even got to make our own junk models linked to something we had learnt about Wales!
In PE we have really enjoyed copying and remembering actions, performing dance routines from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
This term we have been looking at Brilliant Britain and finding out all about the countries that make up the British Isles.
In art we have been looking at the work of artist Paul Klee and we have designed our own Famous London landmark building based on his work.

We have a great time food tasting with Derek, the Catering Manager.  We tried lots of new healthy snacks.

Year 2 all looked absolutely amazing in their World Book Day Costumes.

Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Charlie from Wild Aid.  We had fun learning all about the life cycle of a frog.

We absolutely loved the Christmas party.  We played games, danced to music and even had a visit from Father Christmas!

Year 2 had a great time on the Life Education Bus exploring feelings.

Year 2 had a fantastic Christmas dinner where we pulled crackers and ate turkey!

Year 2 were recently invited to a day glow football tournament at Moor Park sports centre. The children had a great time playing and got to dress up in neon!

Year 2 had a visit from the local Fire Brigade.  We learnt all about fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire.  We even got to dress up as fire fighters

We loved learning all about out topic Brilliant Britain.  Over half term we made a model of a famous London Landmark.