December 2021

 What a busy month December was – Wow! It seems like a long time ago that we were visited by Harold the Giraffe and life education visited us in school. It was fascinating to learn about how to keep our bodies healthy as well as meeting Harold and his friends again.
We also had a visit from Bispham Fire Station. It was interesting to learn about the roles of the amazing firefighters in our community and the things they do to keep us safe. They were full of practical tips from how to stay safe in our homes. Maybe some of your children gave your house a little safety check with their new knowledge?
In English we looked at persuasion and how to write a formal letter. I think some of the children wanted to use their new skills when sending their lists to Father Christmas – I wonder if they worked? Maths saw us spend time learning about multiplication and division. This was not always easy! I was not surprised to find that dividing numbers can be tricky for children. Dividing sweets, however, was much easier and more successful!
It will be sad to leave the Stone Age behind, it’s been a very enjoyable term investigating early man and our prehistoric past. Our final piece of worked involved a virtual trip to the Orkney Isles to visit Skara Brae, an amazingly well-preserved Neolithic site.
The final part of 2021 had us perform our whole school nativity – I hope you have had time to watch it. The children were amazing, and we should all be very proud of them. Exhausted, but still hungry for more we managed to squeeze in Christmas dinner, a Christmas party and a visit from Santa himself!
A great way to celebrate a very successful first term and to look forward to the Spring term.

November 2021

November has been a very busy month in year 3! In English, we have been focusing on fables and have written some updated versions of the Tortoise and the Hare. Some of the children’s characters were very entertaining! Maddie Moate also came into our ‘virtual’ lesson to tell us about her new book ‘Stuff.’

Science has seen us immerse ourselves in the world of rocks and the amazing ways in which they are formed over millions of years. We have also had a very successful theme day – some of the children’s costumes were amazing. During the day we made some games out of the natural materials we could find in the school grounds. Yes, it did get a little competitive! We also made a ‘delicious’ traditional broth, perfect for the wintery weather.

October 2021

Another busy month in year 3. We have been working hard finding out about the human body and how we can keep it healthy through diet and exercise. The children have been able to name the bones in our skeletons – perfect for Halloween! We have also investigated the effects of exercise on our heart rate. Yes, the physical challenges did become a little competitive! 
In Maths we have been perfecting our addition and subtraction skills. We are close to being experts, just a couple more lesson needed. We turned our attention to biographies in English. Turning into detectives looking into the past lives of some famous figures from the past. I really enjoyed reading the children’s work, on varied characters from Mary Seacole to Michael Jordan. 

September 2021

Wow what a start to the new school year! I am very proud of how the children have settled into KS2. They have been working hard on our amazing topic, The Stone Age. We have travelled back in time to understand what it would be like to live a hunter gatherer existence (not an Xbox in sight!). We have even been on a virtual trip to the prehistoric village of Skara Brea.  Archeologists estimate it was built and occupied between 3000BCE and 2500BCE, during what’s called the ‘Neolithic era’ or ‘New Stone Age’. The village is even older than the pyramids and Stonehenge! In English we have based our writing on, The Tin Forest by Helen Ward, an amazing picture book that proved to be great inspiration for creating our own fantastic settings.
Even after all this excitement we are not finished this half term! With our class assembly and theme day coming up next week we still have a lot of work to do!

03/03/19 – as part of English week, to help inspire out writing we had a visit from Derek who showed us how to make pizza; then we had a go at making our own. We loved the final product.

15/02/19 – this week we have been learning about ancient Roman food, we selected ingredients and created a menu each. Then, today we prepared food for a Roman banquet and evaluated it based on its taste, texture, flavour, smell and appearance.

29/01/19 – as part of maths week we went on a maths scavenger hunt around the school and school grounds, solving problems which, when we solved them, helped us to solve the final riddle back in class.

11/12/2019 – we enjoyed our Christmas dinner today

5/12/2018 – this week we have been learning about discussion texts, focusing on balanced arguments. Today we researched points for/against various topics and then had a class debate.

23/11/2018 – as part of anti-bullying week, after our classes were mixed up, we thought about what messages we would say to either a bully or someone who is being bullied.

13/11/2018 – as part of our topic: hunters and gatherers, we thought about whether farming or hunting would be more effective to obtain food. Then we went outside to plant our own seeds.

11/10/2018 – we had a visit from some superheroes today who did some super-sports with us. We worked in teams to score as many points as we could in a circuit of exciting activities.

26/09/2018 – we got to enjoy a production: Alice in Wonderland.

14/09/2018 – we have been learning about speech and the how to correctly punctuate it. We made ‘speech sandwiches’ to help us to remember where the punctuation goes.

03/09/2018 – our learning environment for the first term is ready; our topic is prehistoric Britain.