This term we have been learning about Prehistoric Britain, mainly focusing on Stone Age – Iron Age Britain. We have learnt about life throughout these periods and thought about where Britain actually is in relation to the rest of the world. We have had our Stone Age themed day, where we came in dressed up as cave-people and lived as though we were in the that era for the day. In Science we have been learning about rocks (including fossils) as well as animals and humans. In English we have written dinosaur poems, and fables based around Stone Age animals. We are currently learning about addition and subtraction in maths, having focussed on place value earlier on in the term.

03/03/19 – as part of English week, to help inspire out writing we had a visit from Derek who showed us how to make pizza; then we had a go at making our own. We loved the final product.

15/02/19 – this week we have been learning about ancient Roman food, we selected ingredients and created a menu each. Then, today we prepared food for a Roman banquet and evaluated it based on its taste, texture, flavour, smell and appearance.

29/01/19 – as part of maths week we went on a maths scavenger hunt around the school and school grounds, solving problems which, when we solved them, helped us to solve the final riddle back in class.

11/12/2019 – we enjoyed our Christmas dinner today

5/12/2018 – this week we have been learning about discussion texts, focusing on balanced arguments. Today we researched points for/against various topics and then had a class debate.

23/11/2018 – as part of anti-bullying week, after our classes were mixed up, we thought about what messages we would say to either a bully or someone who is being bullied.

13/11/2018 – as part of our topic: hunters and gatherers, we thought about whether farming or hunting would be more effective to obtain food. Then we went outside to plant our own seeds.

11/10/2018 – we had a visit from some superheroes today who did some super-sports with us. We worked in teams to score as many points as we could in a circuit of exciting activities.

26/09/2018 – we got to enjoy a production: Alice in Wonderland.

14/09/2018 – we have been learning about speech and the how to correctly punctuate it. We made ‘speech sandwiches’ to help us to remember where the punctuation goes.

03/09/2018 – our learning environment for the first term is ready; our topic is prehistoric Britain.