Welcome to the lively world of Year 1! Engaging in the magic of storytelling, our students immersed themselves in amazing writing inspired by the enchanting tale of Lost and Found. English lessons came to life as we hot-seated The Boy and Penguin from Oliver Jeffers’ captivating story.

Mathematics took on a practical twist, with real objects enhancing our understanding of counting. Creativity sparked during our English lessons as we brainstormed character ideas for our own stories. Outdoor exploration continued with a math car tally chart, bringing learning to life beyond the classroom.

In science, we delved into the world of senses, predicting and comparing the sizes of hands and feet. Color mixing and the exploration of tints and shades added an artistic touch to our curriculum. Year 1 is buzzing with excitement and hands-on learning! Stay tuned for more updates on our vibrant journey.

April 2022

This month we put our weaving skills to the test and weaved blankets for elephants. We also had a super Theme Day where we did lots of African themed activities, such as making chapati bread, having a Maasai jumping contest and doing a rain dance. We also followed riddles left by the Easter Bunny around school and had an Easter Egg Hunt! In maths we practised counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s and we also learnt how to make equal groups and arrays. In English we enjoyed reading Julia Donaldson’s books that take place at the seaside and created story maps for our innovated versions of What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside. We have been working in teams in PE and making sure that we show each other respect and work well together when playing team games.

March 2022

We kicked off March with a fun filled World Book Day where we did lots of activities themed around Hansel and Gretel. In Science we planted sunflowers seeds and observed how the weather and plants change through the seasons. We enjoyed learning how to climb, roll and travel carefully in gymnastics. In maths we learnt how to measure length and height using a ruler as well as comparing the velocity and volume of different containers and the weight of different items. We also had a very exciting Science Week and did lots of amazing experiments! We shared lots of laughs on Red Nose Day as we had our very own joke telling competition. In English we recreated Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, and wrote recounts on what we did and the order that we did it in.

February 2022

This month we really enjoyed reading the story of Rapunzel. We acted out different parts of the story and thought about how the characters might have been feeling throughout the story. In maths, we have have been learning to recognise, write and count numbers within 0-50. In art, we took inspiration from Adinkra printing and designed our very own Maasai tribe shields. In PE, we created African animal inspired balances and stretches. We had lots of fun using the glockenspiels to compose our own notes to play along with the song that we learnt in music. We were also very lucky to have a special visit from Dog’s Trust, they talked to us about how we can care for and respect dogs.

January 2022

This month we have been working hard to know our number bonds to 10 off by heart to help us with addition and subtraction within 20. We have been looking at the book Grandma Lena’s Big Ol’ Turnip by Denia Hester in English and have written our own versions of the story but we changed the main character, what seed they planted and what happened in the end. In science, we’ve been looking at plants and identifying their features as well as starting to investigate how the weather changes with the seasons. In PE, we have been practising working together as a team and thinking about how we can exercise safely. We have started to learn all about Africa in our topic lessons too and have looked at where abouts it is in relation to the hotter and colder parts of the world.

December 2021

We had a very busy December full of lots of learning and Christmas fun! We took a trip to the theatre to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, had a lovely Christmas meal together, created lots of Christmas crafts and had a party! We also had a visit from Life Education and they taught us all about what our bodies need and how we can look after them. In English, we looked at non-fiction books to help us learn lots of exciting facts about the Great Fire of London and wrote our very own non-fiction information pages. In maths, we worked with numbers from 11-20 and looked at how we can represent them in different ways. In art, we drew and painted our Picasso self-portraits with lots of bright colours and interesting shapes.

October 2021

This month we have started to look at addition within the numbers 0-10. I have been very impressed with how well everyone has done at writing number sentences and creating part-whole models to represent them. In English, we have been learning all about different penguins from around the world and created non-fiction pages full of fun facts about them. We also worked together to create a poem by innovating the nursery rhyme ‘The Animals Went In Two By Two’. We are really enjoying learning about different animal groups in science and have continued to learn more about our local area and the people who help us within it in our topic lessons. We have put all our fantastic ‘People Who Help Us’ dance moves together to create our very own dance in P.E. and we designed and created Hundertwasser inspired houses in art. We also had lots of fun using the glockenspiels in Music and the spheros in Computing.

September 2021

our very own endings to the story. In maths, we worked very closely with the numbers 0-10. We counted forwards and backwards, ordered and compared numbers and learnt how to use a number line to help us. We investigated our five senses in science and explored which parts of our body are associated with each sense. We have also been learning all about our local area, we have created different dance moves for our ‘People Who Help Us’ dance in P.E. and we have looked at Hundertwasser’s colourful pieces of art to give us some inspiration for when we come to make our own houses.
We have had a very busy September! We really enjoyed reading Oliver Jeffers’ books in English, we rewrote his book ‘Lost and Found’ and created

English Week and World Book Day:
Recently, we spent a full week learning all about the book ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We really enjoyed learning all about this text and we completed lots of different activities based around the story. Blackpool Catering Services even came into school to help us create some amazing packed lunches. World Book Day also happened within this week and we really enjoyed dressing us as a character from our favourite book. Can you guess who we came as?

Maths Week:
In February, we had another special week here at Kincraig. The whole week was focused all around Maths. We spent lots of time looking at compass points, coordinates and even measurements. All of our activities managed to include our topic of Africa in some way too. Just look at our coordinate safari grid. Are you good at reading coordinates?

Our Class Assembly
To celebrate our new topic of learning, Amazing Africa, we created a class assembly to tell all of our parents and the rest of the school all the wonderful things we already know about Africa and just some of the fun and interesting facts that we have already learnt in the short time we have been studying Africa so far. We can’t wait to learn much, much more in the coming weeks. Roar!

Christmas Class Party
We also held a class party to celebrate all the fantastic effort and hard work that we had done throughout the Autumn term. We really loved all of the snacks, party games and even our visit from Santa.

To celebrate Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus, we have recently been working hard to produce a whole school nativity. The part that our class focused on re-telling was where Mary and Joseph had made their way to Bethlehem before being told there was no room at any of the inns.

Post Office Visit
Just before Christmas, we spent time looking at how the Post Office and Postmen help us within our community. We learnt all about how letters are sent and delivered. We then took a trip to our local Sorting Office and were shown how they receive, sort, check and then deliver the letters and parcels as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Locality Walk

Halloween Disco
Oh my goodness! Something has gone bump in the night… Recently, we all attended the ‘Kincraig Spooky Disco’ to celebrate Halloween. We loved dancing to some fantastic songs and playing exciting games. Just look at some of the amazing costumes we all came in!

Nurse Visit
Recently, we had a visit from some local Nurses who came to talk to us about how they help people every day at work. They spent time discussing how we can keep ourselves healthy and avoid having to see Doctors and Nurses. They then spent time showing us how we are able to use and apply a variety of different bandages to protect wounds from germs and help them heal as quickly as possible.

Police Visit
As part of our People Who Help Us topic, Bispham Police came to see us and explained what their role is within the community. They spoke to us about how they can help us if we are in trouble or if we get lost. They also explained to us that sometimes people who are dangerous or do the wrong things have to be arrested. They even demonstrated this to us by putting Mr Bracegirdle in handcuffs.