Pre-School Room

The Pre-School Room is a fully immersive environment, designed to enhance the children’s learning in preparation for starting school. The room immerses the children in the three topics which will be covered throughout the year. Within the room, there are a variety of different role play areas, small world and opportunities for play and learning. The Pre-School Children benefit from a new, modern outdoor area with a variety of game opportunities, a climbing frame, race track, vehicles and balance bikes.

Pre-School Curriculum

In the Pre-School Room, children study three main topics throughout their immersive classroom environment. These three topics include ‘Our Wonderful World’, ‘Come Outside’ and ‘Fairy Tales and Fantasy’.

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Pre-School Our Wonderful World Come Outside Fairy Tales and Fantasy

Let’s meet the staff:

Miss Lucy Cross

Deputy Head/ Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Mary Dawson

Pre-School Teacher

Mrs Maria Birchall

Pre-School Teaching Assistant

Pre-School Teaching Assistant