November 2021

Following on with our theme, this month we have looked at the ‘Gruffalo’, hunting around school grounds to find him, using lots of positional language. We also made a Gruffalo’s face using collage materials and spoke about where we placed eyes, nose mouth etc. The next week we read ‘Little Raindrop’ where we looked at the effects of rain and water. We played in the water tray, adding different materials to see if they would sink or float. Another little raindrop activity was puddle jumping, we really enjoyed making a splash and using our physical skills to jump up and down. We then celebrated Anti-Bullying Week and focused on the story ‘The Squirrels who Squabbled’. We did lots of fun activities such as body painting with lots of ‘kind words’, we also joined up with Pre-School and Rising Threes to make friendship soup, we chopped up vegetable and thought about the different qualities it takes to be a good friend. We also used our gross motor skills as we lifted the parachute up and down to sing songs and take turns with a ball. This week we are reading ‘Fairy Felicity’s Moonlight Adventure’. We have been experimenting and as we made fizzing fairy potion, the children had to listen carefully to instructions and they were very excited to see their own potions fizzing up and over the beakers. We are also making fairy dust in our tuff tray with pattern sheets and challenging to children to copy the marks.

October 2021

This month, we have been building up to Halloween. We looked at books such as  “Aarrgghhhhh Spider” and “We’re Going on a Pumpkin Hunt”. We have been working on our gross and fine motor skills and have enjoyed activities such as a finger gyms that looked like a spiders web with lots of creepy crawlies in for the children to get and threading a pumpkin and making it look like a spooky spider. This helped the children to further their hand eye co-ordination skills. Another book that we looked at was “The Scarecrow’s Wedding”, we used this to talk to the children about harvest and what kind of foods grow and where from. We enjoyed food tasting as well as crafts and a dancing and rhyme session.

September 2021

This month, our theme has been ‘Into the Woods’ and we have been looking at a new book each week.
Our first book was ‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’. We went on our very own leaf hunt around school, we looked at the different shapes and sizes of the trees as well as the different coloured leaves they produce depending on the season.  We also had fun exploring different activities such as leaf printing and sensory trays. Another book we looked at was ‘Owl Babies’. We discussed the different sizes of the owls and created a dark den that provided the children with opportunities to talk about night and day. We have also been observing the changes in the weather and watching Autumn come in. Alongside this, we have been very crafty making different types of Autumn animals such as hedgehogs, squirrels and bears.