Year 5 trip to the Quwwat Ul Islam Mosque Preston

What a great way to further our studies into the religion of Islam. We were given a guided tour of the mosque and given the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

Once we had taken off our shoes, we were shown the area where visitors to the mosque wash before going to pray. It is very important that water is not wasted during washing and a 750ml pot is left in the room as a reminder. In the main prayer room, we learnt about the Koran and listened to some of the verses from it.

By the end of the morning, we all agreed that we had had a fabulous time and that this was the best way to get an insight into the life of Muslims.

11th March 2019

Year 5 Jodrell Bank Trip

Year 5 had a brilliant time visiting the largest radio telescope in Europe. In the morning we took part in a presentation and workshop about Space, our Solar System and rockets. There was a dramatic demonstration of who rockets are fuelled and fired! We then had some time to complete the outside experiments and send messages via the whispering gallery (two huge satellite dishes that amplified our whispers sending them all the way across the field).

In the afternoon, we met Dr Chris an astrophysicist who studies Black Holes at Jodrell Bank. He told us about how they are formed and how they hungrily eat all the matter of the universe. Tired after our long trip we hoped for a quiet journey home, our girls had other idea – we were treated to a full rendition of the UK top 40!

27 Feb – Grundy Art Gallery Follow up visit – Year 5 visited Blackpool’s Grundy Art Gallery to view their prints as part of the Future of Blackpool exhibition

Maths week – Week beginning 28th Jan

14th December – Grundy Art Gallery resident artist visits. Year 5 pupils make print based around the ‘Future of Blackpool.’ Our work included a Robot Circus and Ghostly Fish and Chips. We are very proud that our work is displayed for all of Blackpool to see!

6th Dec – Life Ed Bus

5th December – Visit from an optician. Year 5 looked had an in depth talk with a practising optician with a focus on how he uses Maths in his day to day job. A really interesting morning and even some time for some gruesome

22nd November – Making American style burgers at Montgomery High School. Presented with the raw ingredients and a recipe, year 5 were challenged to make their own burgers. We even made own boxes to sell them in. However, they were far too delicious to give away! Just look at us devouring our food.

14th November – Grundy Art Gallery visit – looking at how artists expected to look in 2068, painted 50 years ago. We came up with very different ideas and will be making our own pictures for an exhibition in the gallery in January.

27th September – McMillian Cake Sale