December 2021

In English, we have created playscripts inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia; we enjoyed sharing these scenes and comparing them to the official film script. We have been focusing measurement, area and perimeter as well as consolidating the skills we’d learnt in maths so far this year – take a look at us ‘walking the perimeter’ of our classroom. In geography, we focussed on learning about the key features of earthquakes and volcanoes, and we enjoyed making edible tectonic plates. This busy month culminated with rehearsal of the nativity and what a fantastic time we had practising and performing this!

November 2021

This month, we’ve been writing narratives with a historical setting in English; we’ve also begun to look at playscripts and have particularly enjoyed analysing film scripts, comparing these to the films. We loved making burgers at B&FC after taste testing and planning our own burger recipe! It’s been such an exciting month for us as it has been our theme day (where we made dreamcatchers, Native American wigwams and generally immersed ourselves in Native American life) and on this day we also had our class assembly! In Maths, we have been focussing on multiplication and division – we are getting much sharper with our instant recall of times tables too. We have applied our knowledge of geographical layout of North America to create 3-D models of the continent and as part of Anti-Bullying Week we have focussed on the importance of ‘one kind word’.

October 2021

This month, in English, we have been looking at persuasive texts and have thought about what it means to be persuasive; we have discovered various techniques (used by professional advertising companies) and have applied these to our own persuasive writes. We have also created persuasive speeches to help consolidate this learning. Linking with our North America topic, we have been learning about Andy Warhol’s printing and pop-art: we have created our own repeated prints in Warhol’s style. This month we also began an exciting, new project in English – Tales Retold. Within this project, we’re learning to develop oracy and drama skills through the lens of storytelling. This has helped us to be mindful of the resilience framework. Some of us were lucky enough to take part in Bikeability where we learnt to ride on the roads and increased our cycling proficiency! In PE, we’ve been looking at high, medium, and low movements – we have acted out stories that we wrote in our first unit of English and have performed these to our peers.

6th/7th October 2021- Bikeability

Year 5 children had the fantastic opportunity to learn some road and bike safety during a two day Bikeability course with Blackpool Council. The children really enjoyed consolidating the skills they already had and learning some new skills in different scenarios. They started off on the school playground and once the teachers were satisfied that they were confidetn with the Level One skills, they were able to progress onto road safety, where they cycled around the local areas in some trickier situations. The children were all very proud and there were a range of Level One, Two and Three certificates and badges. Well done Year 5!

Year 5 September 2021

This month, we began our new topic: North America where we’ve investigated the continent’s position in relation to the rest of the world. We have worked on our team building and communication skills and started our dance unit in PE. In English, we’ve written our own version of the Legend: Beowulf and have been exploring numbers up to one million in maths.

27 Feb – Grundy Art Gallery Follow up visit – Year 5 visited Blackpool’s Grundy Art Gallery to view their prints as part of the Future of Blackpool exhibition

Maths week – Week beginning 28th Jan

14th December – Grundy Art Gallery resident artist visits. Year 5 pupils make print based around the ‘Future of Blackpool.’ Our work included a Robot Circus and Ghostly Fish and Chips. We are very proud that our work is displayed for all of Blackpool to see!

6th Dec – Life Ed Bus

5th December – Visit from an optician. Year 5 looked had an in depth talk with a practising optician with a focus on how he uses Maths in his day to day job. A really interesting morning and even some time for some gruesome

22nd November – Making American style burgers at Montgomery High School. Presented with the raw ingredients and a recipe, year 5 were challenged to make their own burgers. We even made own boxes to sell them in. However, they were far too delicious to give away! Just look at us devouring our food.

14th November – Grundy Art Gallery visit – looking at how artists expected to look in 2068, painted 50 years ago. We came up with very different ideas and will be making our own pictures for an exhibition in the gallery in January.

27th September – McMillian Cake Sale