March 2022

The Rising 3’s have loved learning about emergency vehicles this month. We watched clips about what happens inside an ambulance and then took turns to become paramedics helping our friends and their babies. We used shapes to create our own fire engines and discussed how different emergency workers help us for different problems and matched each one up to the correct vehicle.

We have also looked at construction sites and how their tools and vehicles help to create or demolish builds. We have used diggers and tools in the construction tray to scoop up, move around and pour. We have used numbers to count how many tools are needed in the tool kit and then discussed how and why grown ups use them too.

February 2022

This month we explored heat and how hot air balloons use fire to fly, we even carried out our own bottle and balloon experiment with cold and hot water to explore which temperature made the balloon inflate. We had fun decorating our own hot air balloon with repeated patterns and we also had a go at weaving too.

Next we took part in a variety of activities that taught us all about kitchen appliances and how they work. We incorporated pancake day and enjoyed heating up our own pancakes, adding our favourite toppings and eating them up! We discussed the safety aspects along the way too. We used play dough to create a variety of foods which the children thought hard about how they would cook them in the home corner, then served up their food and practised their cutting skills with knives and forks.

January 2022

Rising 3’s kicked off their new topic by learning all about robots. We looked at all different types of components such as electricity, nuts, bolts, and coding with the bee bots. Some of our favourite activities were using the dark den exploring different kinds of switches such as buttons, switches and sliders, we had great fun with the magnets working what was magnetic and non magnetic and also creating our own songs using the music bots.

As we moved on, we looked at aeroplanes and airports, it was great fun to become flight attendants and passengers, using our baggage scanner and weigh scales for our luggage and creating our very own passports and boarding passes.

December 2021

Rising 3’s started December learning all about Christingle, we learnt what each section stands for and what happens in the church at this time of year. We made our own versions of a Christingle with cupcakes and different craft activities.
We then moved onto one of our favourite stories so far, Stick Man! So many of the children already knew the story so well and really enjoyed creating their own stick men, going on nature hunts and exploring maths problems using different sized stick men.
With it being December there was plenty of Christmas crafts happening each day and the children created the most wonderful decorations, cards and calendars to take home for their grown ups! We also did lots of practising for our Christmas nativity and on the day we did a brilliant job of singing and doing all of the actions!

November 2021

This month we have been so busy! We have zoomed into space and explored the planets, aliens, and rockets. We have made papier-mâché planets, shape rocket pictures and we have also been junk modelling too. We have used our measuring skills to make some delicious alien cakes and practised our counting when using the dice to throw our moons into the space box.
We can’t forget what a fun week we had for Anti-Bullying week. We all mixed classes within nursery and took part in lots of different activities which helped us think about how to be kind to our friends. In the Rising 3’s room, we used cling film around the table legs so that we could see our friends, we talked about what we liked about each other and how we can make each other happy and then we painted each other’s happy faces. At the end, we chose and shared a book together and discussed it in pairs. When we were back together in our own class, we made some paper chains, practised our turn taking with our friends and Mrs. Lucas challenged us to invite other children into our games which we were all fantastic at.
For Children in Need, Pudsey came to visit us! We had been busy doing lots of activities such as creating spots for Pudsey’s bandana, making Pudsey headbands, and scooping up his spots from the water tray and we just did not expect to see Pudsey at lunch time. It was very exciting!

October 2021

Rising 3’s kicked off October by learning all about colour, using the book Elmer to help us. We practised recognising our colours, testing out what would happen when we mixed colours and we also had a good try at repeated patterns.

We then moved onto exploring water. The children loved learning how rain and sunshine create a rainbow, so they really enjoyed taking part in the skittle experiment. We also made our own drainpipes and poured water down them, exploring how the water moves. Some more activities we enjoyed were ice painting, filling and emptying containers and exploring how water changed the texture of materials such as soil.

Lastly, we celebrated Halloween! We loved the ‘Room on the Broom’ book and had a great time getting creative. We used spaghetti broomsticks to paint with, we created witches’ cats out of various shapes and witches’ hats out of ice cream cones, chocolate and sprinkles and we also made our very own potions just like they do in the story.

September 2021

During the month of September, the Rising 3 children have learnt all about dinosaurs, which the children absolutely loved! We have explored the different types of dinosaurs, where they live and what is in their home environment, for example, volcanoes. We have also looked at the differences between different types of dinosaurs, such as how they move around. We found out that some dinosaurs can swim and some can fly. We have measured them and created pictures of our very own dinosaurs using different shapes and these were super imaginative. The children have taken part in some scientific experiments such as an  erupting volcano and fizzing dinosaur eggs which we helped to hatch ourselves using some new tools like pipettes which we were so clever with. We have had great fun in September and now know lots about dinosaurs.