Internet Safety

INTERNET SAFETY – There is increasing concern over the potential dangers for children and young people using the Internet and Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

The technology is here to stay – we must learn how to educate the children to use it safely and be aware of the dangers ourselves.  

There is an interactive website which explores these dangers. We would therefore encourage you to spend some time with your child and complete some of the on-line activities from the following website –

Internet safety and cyber bullying will also be a focus this year for Anti-Bullying week (16th -20th November.) Our aim is to raise awareness of bullying and the inappropriate use of the internet.


Internet Safety Day

On the 20th December 2016 we had a very important visitor in to talk to individual classes about staying safe on line. The sessions really got children thinking about their own behaviour on-line and challenged them to understand how online activity can cause so many problems.

To continue to draw awareness of Internet Safety the children of Kincraig will be taking part in the bCyberwise programme by Life Education. They will be coming into school on December 20th 2016 to work with years 3-6. The programme will explore cyber safety through animation, vox pops of children, relevant scenarios, discussions and problem solving. Each class will experience an interactive session centred on:

  • building positive relationships with online and offline friends
  • safe and respectful behaviour online
  • responsible behaviours when using communication technology
  • strategies for keeping personal information safe online
  • strategies to deal with face to face and cyberbullying
  • exploring the role of bystanders

Why not check out the clip below to find out more about the programme.


Mr Aspden held a drop-in workshop at Parent’s Evening, to support parents in tackling some of the problems and issues around internet safety. This took take place on Monday 16th November 2015

Please click the links below to see the handouts given out at Parents Evening.

Keeping Young Children Safe Online

Be Smart on the Internet

Useful Websites

If you click on the icons below, you will find some information to support you in keeping children safe on-line.


Internet Safety Day – Tuesday 9th February 2016

To celebrate Internet Safety Day, Mr Aspden led a whole school assembly to talk to the children all about staying safe. The children also looked at this within their computing sessions.


Internet Safety Day

On-line Safety Assembly – 22nd January 2016


To promote and reinforce the importance of online safety, Mr Aspden led a whole school assembly on how we can keep safe when we are on line and what to do if we had any concerns or worries. 


E-Safety Assembly