Anti-bullying ambassadors



An Anti- Bullying Ambassador is someone who works to try to tackle bullying within school. They work together as a team to address any issues and make others aware of the issues relating to bullying and how we can prevent it.


Anti-Bullying Week took place week beginning 21st November 2016. In the afternoon sessions children looked at bullying and the effect it has on other children, on Thursday afternoon children worked with different year groups on a variety of tasks.

Anti Bullying Week 2016




Since November all the Anti-bullying Ambassadors have worked tirelessly to support playtimes and lunchtimes, when the longer play can mean more challenges for some children. During this week the ABA team planned a new support system for the playground in the form of a ‘Worry Box’. This is now in the playground in our quiet for all children to access by writing, posting and sharing their concerns. This has been a huge success. As a collective group of ABA’S we continue to meet every Friday at lunchtime and discuss incidents from the week. Worry box concerns that require support are shared and as a team we support each other with resolving difficult situations, looking at ways to enhance our very friendly School, so that all children are aware of who we are. Photographs of the team are displayed in school and we continue to wear our armbands and pin badges. We are also proactive in taking part in assemblies to remind all children about the importance of speaking out against Bullies and knowing that if they need anything, there is somebody they can talk to. I would like to thank all the ambassadors for their admirable efforts in supporting the Children at Kincraig in keeping School a Bully free zone!

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Conference

On Tuesday 10th November, 12 children attended the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Conference at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. The children learnt all about the different types of bullying and the impact bullying can have. 

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Conference


Following the Anti-Bullying Conference, the children continued to focus on the importance of preventing bullying and during the week 16th November 2015 - 20th November 2015, the children carried out a range of activities. These included working together with other year groups, team building activities and creating a worry box system to be used within school. An assembly was held at the beginning and end of the week with the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Let's look at what we got up to...


Anti Bullying Assembly


During the week, the children also sold Anti-Bullying bands in aid of Kidscape. We were very proud of their efforts and we raised £72.00. Check out our certificate and letter from Kidscape below. 


Kidscape Letter


As we have now moved into a new academic year, we have some new Anti–Bullying Ambassadors around school. They are all busy helping to plan our Anti-Bullying week in November but not too busy to be out and about on our school yard.

Look out for the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, they are all wearing a blue arm band and are there to help. 

Anti-bullying Ambassadors


Let's Meet our new Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


      Year 6: Reece Smith, Courtney Hunt, Bayleigh Jamieson, Jiya Khajuria, Cian Lancashire and Adam Coyne.

      Year 5: Samuel Thayre, Elise Richardson, Jessica Hodgkinson, Chloe Boland and Jamie Leigh.


     The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors will be attending the annual conference at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool in November. 


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Assembly – Thursday 12th March 

On Thursday 12th March the Anti-bullying Ambassadors held an assembly for the whole school, which was aimed at reminding children about the role the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors play in school and how they can support pupils during free time and play times. Back in November the Anti- Bullying Ambassadors attended the Anti-Bullying conference at the Winter Gardens. At the event the ambassadors designed a school motto,

"Don't hide - tell someone!"

The children designed this piece of Artwork that is now displayed in the school corridor for all to see. 



The assembly also highlighted the support Kincraig has given to two separate charities in raising money during Anti -Bullying week and the thanks school had received. Finally the Anti- Bullying Ambassadors shared a plan for discussion around a worry box for the playground. They will continue to work on this project so look out for more news on this…

Anti Bullying Ambassadors - Assembly

An Anti- Bullying Ambassador is someone who works to try to tackle bullying within school. They work together as a team to address any issues and make others aware of the issues relating to bullying and how we can prevent it.

Let’s meet our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors   

Anti Bullying Ambassadors

On Wednesday 12th November our anti bullying team attended the annual anti bullying conference at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. 

Anti Bullying Week 2014

To celebrate Anti- Bullying Week we looked at Bullying and what the word 'Bullying' means. Across school we worked together and took part in team building activities. We mixed together the different year groups and Key Stage 2 all went to visit Montgomery and work on developing positive attitudes when working with others.