April 2022

In April, the children in Pre-School were so excited to see their classroom transform into outer Space! We had a space station and a spaceship that allowed us to explore all the planets in the solar system. The children decided that Earth is the best place to live as the other planets were either too hot or too cold.
We looked at some non-fiction books that had lots of information about space and enjoyed reading stories such as The Smeds and The Smoos, The Way Back Home and Aliens Love Underpants.
We read The Colour Monster and found out how to talk about our feelings and how we can help others to be happy by being kind.
In Maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes, we made space pictures with shapes and large 2D and 3D models outside using natural materials.
PE in the hall twice a week has been one of our favourite activities, and we are doing very well practicing our fundemental skills. Our PE lessons have been spaced themed and we have enjoyed walking, jumping, hopping, and skipping on the moon!
During our music lessons we have been looking at finding the beat in music and playing musical instruments, we love the welcome and goodbye songs as we get to sing our friends names.
We have spent a lot of time becoming more independent, we have been practicing putting on our own coats, cutting our food at lunch by using a knife and fork and putting on our own pumps for PE.
We have been practicing our fine motor skills with activities such as playdough, threading, and finger gym. This is helping us to begin writing our names.
Kandinsky was the name of the Artist we looked at this month, we learnt all about how he uses shapes to make his pictures look like other things, we made our own Kandinsky style pictures to look like rocket ships in Space.
We have had so much fun in Pre-School in April, bring on May!

February 2022

In February Pre-School learnt all about China and Chinese New Year. We had lots of fun learning all about the different culture and traditions and experiencing what life in China was like. The children explored the country and looked at the different environments and animals that lived there and compared this to their own environment. They learnt all about the Great Wall of China and the children constructed their own in the outdoor area. They looked at the ‘Terracotta Warriors’ in Xian and learnt all about the country’s capital Beijing, building their own pagoda’s and replicating Tiananmen Square. The children made a Chinese restaurant and tasted Chinese food, learning how to use chopsticks and the different foods they eat and tried on traditional Chinese dress.

The children then went on to learn all about the festival of Chinese New Year. They read the story about ‘The Great Race’ and learnt all about the different animals in the Chinese zodiac and how the animals were chosen and what they represented. They looked at the animals that represented the years in which they were born – 2017 and 2018 – The year of the Rooster and the Dog and the animal celebrated this year – Tiger. The children created their own New Year cards to send to a loved one, made red envelopes to share a gift with a special friend and decorated the classroom with lanterns and Chinese dragons. In PE, the children learnt to do Chinese dragon dancing and used streamers and ribbons. They made a traditional Chinese hand drums and their own interpretations of dragons using junk modelling and fruit. Pre-School had a fantastic time in February.

January 2022

In January Pre-School were so excited to return and couldn’t wait to explore their new classroom environment as we set off on our new topic, ‘Come outside…’

We have started our theme by looking at the season of Winter and what happens to the weather and their surroundings when it is cold. We have read the story ‘Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara’ and explored what happens to water when it cools and freezes. Pre-School carried out investigations using ice, salt, warm water and food colouring to explore how water freezes and how ice melts and how they can speed up the process of melting the ice. They had lots of fun.

We have also explored what it would be like to live in the Arctic; finding out all about the lives of the inuits and comparing it to how we live. We looked at all the different animals that survive in colder climates and have had lots of fun being very creative. What a busy month Pre-School have had.



looked at different animals that can survive in cold climates.


What a busy month Pre-School have had.

December 2021

This month in Pre-School we have been very busy with all our Christmas preparations. We started December by writing our letters to Father Christmas. We had great fun looking through all the toy catalogues and choosing what we would like – it was very hard to choose. We then began to decorate our classroom. We all painted our hands to make our class Christmas tree and everyone made a bauble to decorate. There was lots of glitter and sparkle. Pre-School were so excited about Christmas and couldn’t wait to see if they got a special visit from the North Pole.

One of Father Christmas’ elves came to see us each day in nursery. His name was ‘Elfie’ and each day he left us a little message. He helped us with our counting and counting the days down till Father Christmas would be here.

We then went on to learn all about The First Christmas and the reasons people celebrate this special occasion. We learnt all about Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus and how he was born in a stable in Bethlehem. In our school nativity play we played the part of the animals in the stable. We practised very hard to learn our song and we had lots of fun learning the actions.

Pre-School had a very busy month in December, they celebrated Christmas dinner with their friends, supported Christmas jumper day for Save the Children and just before they finished they managed to have a little Christmas Party to celebrate. They even got a visit from Father Christmas!

Happy Christmas Everyone!

November 2021

Wow! We have had another super busy month throughout November and have even started to get ready for Christmas. This month, we have had some very special events including Remembrance Day, Children in Need and Anti-Bullying Week. During Anti-Bullying Week, we shared lots of activities with the Toddler Room and Rising Threes including creating Friendship soup, sharing reading books with our friends and painting with our friends. We even came into school on Monday in our odd socks to raise awareness of Anti-Bullying Week. Anti-Bullying Week finished with a very special visit from Pudsey Bear, who came to see us whilst we had our dinner. We were all very excited to see him. We carried out lots of Pudsey themed activities and even followed a lesson by Pudsey himself. On Remembrance Day, we created poppies to remember the fallen soldiers and lots of us created poppy pictures and models at home to share in school.

We have been reading the story ‘Biscuit Bear’ and baked some of our very own biscuit bears with Mrs Mullan. We practiced different measurements and rolling out the dough. Then, we were each able to use the biscuit cutter to cut out our very own Biscuit Bear.

In preparation for Christmas, we have been writing letters to Father Christmas and chosen some things we would like him to bring us if we are really good. We have also been practising hard for the school Nativity and learning all about the Nativity Story. We have also been on a shape hunt, looking for different shaped presents around the classroom. We can’t wait to see what December has in store!

October 2021

During the month of October, Pre-school have been very busy! We started off focusing on the role of the vet, gaining an understanding of what they do to help animals feel better when they’re poorly. We discussed how to look after and care for animals in daily life, ensuring they have food and water everyday and exercise to keep healthy. The children got very involved in this topic and shared photos of their own pets at home. 🐶🐱🐹🐭

Following on from this, we moved onto Road Safety and the roles of the Lollipop Lady/Man and the police. We looked at the different occupations and how they help to keep us safe when we are out and about with our families. We have learnt that it is so important to listen to an adult and hold their hand when we are near a road. The children looked out for different road traffic signs when they were out and about. 👮🏼‍♂️⛔️⚠️

Moving on from this, we looked at the role of the Doctor and Nurse and how we can look after ourselves. We looked at things that help us to keep healthy and the importance of brushing our teeth. We focused on the body and skeletons, looking at bones and naming parts of the body. The children loved doing the skeleton dance and singing head, shoulder, knees and toes. 💀👩🏼‍⚕️

September 2021

Nursery have settled really well during the month of September and have really enjoyed looking at the topic of ‘Our Wonderful World’. The children have particularly enjoyed lots of creative activities, for example, play dough crafts, construction sites, creating their very own scarecrows and creating our first ever Nursery pictures to take home with us. The children have really enjoyed playing outside on the new EYFS climbing frame and balance bikes and listening to lots of different stories. The children have enjoyed printing different patterns using their fingertips and exploring the different areas in the Nursery classroom environment.

Nursery have had lots of fun learning through their topic, Journeys. We looked at different ways we can travel, which created a great learning experience. Then we looked at Autumn, Halloween and Bonfire night and all the traditions that are associated with it. Next we had a parents drop-in session, which was well attended and everyone enjoyed. There have been lots of activities to help us learn about Children in Need and Remembrance day. Recently we have been learning how to ride a balance bike!