Science Week

Science Week 2017

Science Week 2017 - Electricity!


Children at Kincraig had an electrifying time from the 27th to the 31st of March for our annual Science Week.

Throughout school children were investigating what uses electricity, how we can make circuits and how it is made. Children in Reception started their week by going an electricity walk, identifying different things that use electricity. In Year 1 the children looked at how to make bulbs light up, using our electricity equipment. Year 2 started making switches as they investigated different circuits. In Year 3, the children used their knowledge of circuits to make a 'shaky hand game'. Year 4 and 5 extended this game to make bulbs light up and buzzers to sound in their games. To challenge Year 6, they were asked to light up an LED bulb using a motor, which they succeeded in the end!

The week also included a wonderful trip to Heysham Power Station, where all of the children from key stage two found out about how electricity is produced for our homes and school.

As part of our Science Week we also held a competition for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, designing an electricity safety poster, where we had a winner for each class. Key stage 2 also chose a 'Super Scientist' from each class for the week too. So congratulations to our winners.

Science Week 2017


Science Week 2016

The week beginning the 14th March saw Kincraig Primary School become home to snakes, giant millipedes, chicks, donkeys, dogs and even a scorpion, due to this year’s Science Week.

All children, from Nursery to Year 6 were introduced to some weird, wonderful and incredibly intelligent creatures. From pets belonging to the wonderful ZooLab, Donkeys that work hard during Blackpool’s busy summer season to Guide Dogs brought in by the informative Guide Dogs UK, all the children had a great time.

This wonderful week was brought together with the hatching of our very own little chicks, which all children were able to handle. Seeing the chicks hatching, offered a fantastic and unique experience for all pupils to learn about animals and life cycles.

The Nursery children said that they really enjoyed seeing the chicks and the donkeys, and the children in Year 6 said their favourite activity was seeing a new born lamb brought in by Farmer John.

Science Week